Robb Paul

Owner // head Coach

CF - L1, Crossfit scaling, attitude nation level 1 weightlifting, crossfit judges course

Robb started CrossFit after watching the CrossFit games on TV and realizing how out of shape he had let himself become. His first workout was terrible but after he finished everyone told him how amazing he did and he instantly fell in love with the community. About 6 months after starting he knew he wanted to become a coach and bring others on the same journey he was on. He became a CF-L1 in 2015 and opened Hop Valley CrossFit with his wife Jenn Paul. Together they look forward to helping make Yakima a fitter place. For more see the commercial we made.


Jenn Paul


Jenn had seen CrossFit on TV but was very scared and apprehensive about starting her journey. She, like most women, was unsure about what she could do, about what her body was capable of.  She quickly learned that she was capable of more than she thought and that this community pushed her to do more.  The athletes respectfully refer to Jenn as Boss Jenn.




Gianella (Gina) Abundiz